What about RPGs?

The first two titles I'm working on are both in the strategy/simulation space, with a bit of nostalgia twist (hmmmm...).

But what about an RPG?  After all, Spiderweb does well with them, and I love RPGs (Ultima, Morrowind, and Skyrim being all-time favorites).

Well... the first, most obvious challenge is that big 3D RPGs are [obviously] the products of huge development teams.  Which begs questions of funding, business models, etc.

The other, less obvious challenge is "what unique thing can be done?"  Here's a great article on some of the challenges with innovation in RPGs.

For a small studio to tackle the RPG space, there has to be some real innovations to make it interesting.  I have some ideas, but it's not a first- or second-title challenge.

Will Iverson